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The Chalice of Jupiter

chalice-of-jupiter-first-front A Role Play Gamebook. You are an adventurer who is never happier than when you undertake a new quest. You enjoy the danger, pitting your wits against what might sometimes seem impossible odds, fighting gruesome creatures and most of all obtaining your goal. Your latest challenge is to find the acclaimed but elusive Chalice of Jupiter. Your quest begins well. In the early morning sunlight you feel good, exhilarated even. There is nothing you like better than an exciting challenge, and the fabled Chalice of Jupiter is certainly that. You have been on the road for a few days but your spirits are high and you are full of enthusiasm, life and vitality. You love the great outdoors, sleeping on springy moss and grasses and waking with protective trees above your head. You finish your supply of food, ever optimistic there will be plenty of nature’s offerings to keep you from starvation. You stoop to drink from a clear, gurgling stream, rippling gently over the small rocks and stones. You throw some cool water over your face. It is going to be another hot day. As far as you can judge you must be very close to your goal. Even so after a few more hours, when the rubble strewn ruins of the city walls appear before you they do so in striking contrast to the dancing greens of the glinting leaves all around. You pause to blink and rub your eyes to make sure you really are seeing the legendary city, and not some obscure mirage caused by too much sun. The very edges of the rocks are shimmering as if ready to disappear at any second. You measure your footsteps and stride with purpose from the forest. You are uneasy for some reason, but push the sinking feeling that has crept up on you like a phantom into the farthest corner of your mind. As you approach the ruined Roman city of Veradum, you wonder nevertheless if you have made the right decision this time. Though the day was warm and pleasant, here an unnatural chill fills the air. You shiver, and begin to understand why this place has remained undisturbed for so long despite tales of the priceless Chalice of Jupiter said to be buried here. You know that archaeologists have excavated the city, and bold adventurers like yourself have set out in search of the prized Chalice. You also know that none have ever returned ... For decades, as far as you know, no one living has walked the ancient streets of Veradum. You pull your cloak tighter around your shoulders and approach the intricately carved double stone pillars that loom in protection of the entrance to the still, forgotten city; waiting silent as death for the next intruder. Gripping the hilt of your trusty sword, you stare through the entrance at the streets, buildings and ruins beyond. You are about to enter the ancient Roman city of Veradum. Will you ever leave?
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