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Unlucky For Some

Unlucky For Some The Other Reality. Where do dreams end, and reality begin? Sometimes the boundaries are not so clear cut. To quote Edgar Allen Poe "Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?" Gigolo Barry always planned everything down to the last detail. His final plan was the most important, and nothing could possibly go wrong. Could it? I Can’t Go Out There Rachel had every faith in her growing abilities as a Clinical Psychologist, but she was soon to find that attending lectures could be very different than dealing with true, real life, situations. Happy Now The way you see your world, determines the way you treat it, and others... No Ticket Required Though Parker had never been what anyone could call a good guy, Fate seemed to be on his side at last. We all know though, just how fickle Fate can be. Superstitious Bull A writer in search of ideas for his next ghost story stays in the sleepy village of Cresden. Incited by stories telling the evil history of Cresden Manor he visits the home. The manor however is not what he expected... You Won’t Get Away With It The Tiger’s Eye was never meant to be removed from the village. The witchdoctor had begged them, and warned them. The Spirits wouldn’t like it. But what could they do back in London? A Deal’s a Deal In desperation over the way life is dealing him such a bad hand, Mark Kelly vows he would sell his soul to attain his heart’s desires. From that day everything begins to go his way, but does he realise the deal he has made requires payment? The Other Side Edmund Thorn is a master psychic in the 1800’s, or so his willing audience believe. In reality Edmund simply has the gift of the gab, clever lighting techniques and an ability to make people believe they are seeing what they want to see. His biggest challenge comes to him by chance when a man in the street offers him a fortune to contact his wife. Edmund’s talents are about to be tested to the full... Out of the Body Following a freak accident in which Grant is subjected to an Out of the Body experience, his whole life begins to revolve around repeating the experience. In time, he is to become an expert on the subject, but even experts sometimes make mistakes. Vicious Circle Everyday life can feel like a bind sometimes. Everything seems to revolve around working for a living. When something very different happens though, it isn’t always a change for the better. Monotony can be quite appealing when the alternative is being caught in a nightmare. They All Have to Pay Terrible things can happen in life, events that change someone’s whole outlook and are not easy to forget. Sometimes they prove impossible to leave behind. Unlucky For Some Thirteen had always been Gerard’s lucky number. He was born on the 13th, was the 13th in a long line of wealthy sons, and had thirteen business empires by the time he was thirty-nine. He owned thirteen horses, and hunted every 13th of the month. His ambition was to kill thirteen foxes during one hunt, but the little devils were not so obliging...  

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